Introducing Glacé Rosé: The 1st French Dry Rosé deliberately designed to be savored on ice.

Glacé Rosé.jpg

thrill of the chill

Ever been handed a cool glass of Rosé at a summer soirée only to have it turn warm and undrinkable in minutes? Us, too. That's why we created Glacé Rosé—the 1st French Rosé designed to be served on ice. Because summer should be free from rules and pretense and you should only sip Rosé that's ice-cold and refreshingly crisp. From poolside to backyard to beachfront, wherever your summer festivity takes you, keep it cool no matter how high the temperatures climb with Glacé Rosé. Launching Summer 2017 on Cape Cod: See where else on our blog now!

Summer on ice.jpg

strength that stands up to ice

Glacé Rosé may be the delicate pink tint of a fading summer sunset, but its shade belies a bright acidity and bold fruit flavor strong enough to withstand a few melting ice cubes. Unpretentious yet ridiculously smart, Glacé Rosé pairs well with beach sunsets, pool-deck get-togethers and backyard barbecues. That's why we call it: Summer On Ice.

Glace Carton.jpg

Plunk, plunk, Pour

For optimal Glacé Rosé sipping, plunk 2 classic ice cubes in your glass, pour on the sunset-colored elixir, take a sip and Ahhh, soak in the summer vibes. Skip the crushed ice and skimpy cubes—tradition bends only so far. Be the first to try it Summer 2017 on Cape Cod! See where else to find Glacé Rosé on our blog now!